Grdc - GTK+/Gnome Remote Desktop Client
Current stable version: 0.6.0


The whole story started from my new netbook Eee PC. I bought it and installed Debian on it. I really enjoyed it until I realized that the default installation of the RDP client 'tsclient' on Debian is quite annoying for me:

  • The Eee PC has very small screen resolution, but it won't allow me to scroll when I am connecting to my desktop. I can move the window by pressing Alt, but I have to disable capturing all WM key bindings, and it means no Alt-Tab in remote desktop. This made me crazy.
  • In fullscreen mode, it occupies all my virtual desktops and provides no control. I can do nothing else when I am connecting to my desktop. When I roll my desktop cube, RDP is in all sides.
  • I had great experience with Krdc, which is part of the KDE project. But in order to install Krdc in Gnome desktop, I have to install tons of additional dependencies; This is obvious not a good news for a small netbook user, or a Gnome fan.
  • Remote desktop is one of the most frequently used application to me in my netbook; I have to look for a perfect solution.

Well, if you happen to be in the same boat as me, I hope this is the place you are looking for!