Grdc - GTK+/Gnome Remote Desktop Client
Current stable version: 0.6.0


2009-10-14: Grdc project was renamed to Remmina. Please feel free to visit the new Remmina web site! And translation contributions for the first release of Remmina also open in Future work will be done in Remmina project, and all Grdc related resources will not have any further maintenance. Thanks!

2009-07-07: 0.6.0 released! More complete support for RDP, VNC, SSH and Avahi network protocols, more stable multi-threading, password encryption, and a new web site!

2009-05-19: A mailing-list was created for all public general discussion. Please follow the grdc-common mailing list page.

2009-05-01: 0.5.1 released! Several old bugs were finally fixed.

2009-04-14: Please feel free to get 0.5.0 release! Well, I actually always recommend all you guys upgrade to the latest release. :)

2009-02-24: Finally! After almost one month of development, all previous planned features are here in 0.4.0, with a complete new look of Grdc applet. Of course the most demanded features like SSH tunneling and window scaling won't miss. Thank all you guys for testing Grdc and sending me suggestions and translations!

2009-01-26: Well, first time I took my netbook with Grdc out for a trip! Some issues were discovered in 0.3.0. Although they were minor, I decided to put a new stable release to fix them all as soon as possible. Please get the latest 0.3.1 release! I am also planning new features for the next 0.4 release, please follow "Feature Requests" link below and put in your idea to improve Grdc!

2009-01-16: 0.3.0 is released! New features include: Connection grouping, VNC runtime quality control, new Preference dialog with a couple of new options, new "View" menu, Enhanced floating toolbar, and more! Check the ChangeLog for all details.

2009-01-05: VNC support is now completed! What's next??? :)

2008-12-28: Grdc gnome panel applet (grdc-gnome package) is released!